Painting with history in a room filled with people with funny names 3 (Trailer) from Korakrit Arunanondchai on Vimeo.


Opening June 22, 210015 at Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Date: 24/06/2015 - 13/09/2015

"Painting with history in a room filled with people with funny names 3" – the epilogue of a trilogy of videos and installations Arunanondchai began in 2012.

In this project, the artist's autobiographical and the constructed artist-image merge together to form a memory palace. The epilogue reconstitutes this narrative from the vantage point of a spirit flying above. Through a series of epistolary videos, Arunanondchai addresses Chantri, a fictitious audience and an embodiment of the “in-between space” that is mediated through spirits, abstraction and communication technology.

The final installment of the Trilogy is made up of two parts:

The first part, “The Body,” contains a large denim body painting
made after Duangjai Jansaonoi, a Thai go-go dancer, famous for her appearance in a reality TV competition Thailand’s Got Talent in which she painted a canvas using her body as a brush.
Arunanondchai's painting of the contour of a yellow body that lays on the floor in the centre
of the space, is only visible in it’s entirety from a bird’s eye view. For the audience the
painting becomes both a landscape and a stage to travel through.

The second part, “The Spirit,” contains the video in which Arunanondchai revisits
the times he has spent with Chantri. For the first time in the trilogy, Chantri speaks back to the artist. The dialogue between the two characters forms an ending to the series.

"Painting with history in a room filled with people with funny names 3" finds a place of spirituality and myth within the conditions of a computational environment that forms our global reality in 2015. Arunanondchai looks to the Buddhist and Animist framework of Thailand, as well as to popular culture, geopolitics and technology to question what it means to exist as an artist today. The work celebrates connectivity, the merging of art and life, of fantasy and reality, of science and incorporeality.

Overlooking the linearity of storytelling,
Arunanondchai’s narrative inverses and re-arranges cultural modalities
by conflating eastern and western space-time.
All the installments of the trilogy are structured around installations, paintings and film. The first part of the trilogy,

2012-2555 (2012), is a funeral altar and a video in which Arunanondchai presents his life as an artist to his grandfather who is suffering from memory loss. This installment is accompanied by Painting with history in a room filled with men with funny names,
a video and installation exploring the character of the artist as a denim painter.
In 2556 (2013),
the second instalment of the trilogy, Arunanondchai rebuilds himself as an artist through the words of Silpa Bhirasi, an Italian artist considered instrumental in the development of
modern art in Thailand.
2557 (Painting with history in a room filled with men with funny names 2)(2014), the third installment of the trilogy, documents Arunanondchai and his twin brother's journey from the
White Temple in Northern Thailand to New York City to do a performance. Reality TV, Steve Jobs reincarnated in the Thai Dhammakaya Temple, contemporary Buddhist architecture, tourism, the football club Manchester United and western contemporary art are key features in Arunanondchai’s palette and inform his work formally and ideologically. These recurring themes follow Arunanondchai's character throughout the trilogy as he develops as an artist before the audience’s gaze.

extra materials:

Garuda and Naga

Memory Palace

Thailand's got Talent Body Painting

Curator: Julien Fronsacq

The lighting and environment of this exhibition was created in collaboration with the Alex Gvojic with music produced by Harry Bornstein.

Special thanks to Matthew Taber for the production of the exhibition, Rory Mulhere for filming, Michael Potvin for lighting assistant, Bangkok City City gallery for co-production of the video, Suchada Sirithanawuddhi for producing, Korapat Arunanondchai and Boychild for appearances and Chutatip Arunanondchai for voice over of Chantri.